Meet the Team

Bradley Durham


What can I say? Bradley, I mean me, is an awesome guy. Funny, talented, creative… the list could go on and on!

I got started using and creating for the web in the mid-1990’s. The internet was nothing like what it is today. Since then, I have dabbled in creating for the internet and learned about each coming technology. Self taught in HTML, CSS, PHP, and jQuery. I have worked on adding image creation to the list by learning Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

Well before the internet, I was drawing and doodling. I turned that into a career in 2000 when I worked as an AutoCAD Drafting professional. That profession consumed me for the best part of the first decade of the 21st century. But I needed and wanted more. More ways to assert my creativity, be a part of the internet, and help companies/individuals get their websites online and looking fantastic!

Why I am titled “Quarterback?” Well, I feel like I orchestrate all that goes on in my business. From client meetings, design, development, etc. Without my guidance, just like a quarterback guides his team to the end zone, it wouldn’t happen. I strive to guide all my client’s sites to achieve their goals.

Emily Durham


Emily is my beautiful wife. She is my greatest source of inspiration and encouragement. Hence why she is titled “Cheerleader.”

I could not do what I do without her love and support. She is always ready with a smile, helpful comments, and understanding of sometimes long hours. Plus she is a fantastic cook!

Emily and I met in 2009, and it was a whirlwind romance. We spent lots of time together, and met each other’s family. Family is very important to us both. In April of 2010, I asked her to marry me. Being the luckiest man alive she said yes. We were married in October of the same year, and have been happily married since. All of which in chronicled on one of the first sites I built, Bradley and Emily.

I am not sure what she sees in me, but I am glad she keeps me around!

Sydney McPup


Sydney is our office mascot. He has been living with me all his life, since about 2007. Well, since he was about 8 weeks old anyway. He loves all people, especially kids. He is always excited to see visitors. Just don’t be scared if he runs up to you and jumps up to kiss your face!

Sydney is super driven by his beloved ball. Any ball for that matter! If he isn’t trying to get me to throw the ball, he is running around like a maniac squeaking it and throwing it for himself. He really can be a nut sometimes!

When he isn’t playing ball or kissing strangers, he is most likely trying to lay on the couch and sleep. That is his other favorite pastime. As a matter of fact, he will try to trick you out of his favorite spot if you are sitting there. Don’t let yourself be fooled!

Sydney keeps us all sane, and our life in perspective. He is always happy, and it is infectious. I defy you to stay in a bad mood when he is around. Plus he helps to offer much needed breaks from working hard for our clients. The poor guy does need a walk once in a while after all!