Discoveries of the Week #7

Discoveries of the Week

This week, my wife and I are headed to a WordCamp in Raleigh. In fact, this post is slated to be posted the morning we are leaving. So by the time you read this… we will be gone.

In honor of going to WordCamp, this is going to be WordPress week for discoveries!

New WordPress Power Tips for Template Developers and Consultants

This link comes from Smashing Magazine. They invariably have some of the greatest tips about all kinds of things related to web design/development from around the web.

This post gets into some techie ways to modify and enhance WordPress for your clients.

Creating a Custom Functions Plugin for End Users

How to Create Your Own WordPress Functionality Plugin

Both these articles touch on the same subject. The first one is by Justin Tadlock and the second was featured on WPCandy.

Both articles make a strong case for including regularly used functions, that would otherwise be put in your functions.php file, in their own plugin. The argument is that this makes it easier to port the functionality between themes or theme changes.  The Tadlock article gets more indepth with creating the plugin than the WPCandy article does, but both are worth a read.

Deploy Your WordPress Blog to the Cloud

This is a tutorial on Nettuts+. The author describes how to setup a blog using Amazon’s Web Services. It is pretty much the same as using a VPS. You have to build the services yourself. Which could be rather daunting if you are uninitiated. Not sure I am ready to try it on my own yet!

Interview: Why Matt Mullenweg Created & Love WordCamps

This link comes from a blog I have mentioned before wpbeginner. As mentioned in my post earlier this week, I am attending my first WordCamp this weekend. In that post I cover briefly what a WordCamp is. In this super-short interview, Matt tells us how the first WordCamp came about and why he loves them.

That wraps another week of discoveries up. Hope you found some gems in there.

Thanks for reading.


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