You Should Use Mail Chimp for Your Newsletter!

You Should Use Mail Chimp for Your Newsletter!

Mail ChimpYou have read it everywhere, everyone is saying that you need to build an email list. A little searching and you will find that there are countless options out there. A few of the bigger names are:

  • Aweber
  • Constant Contact
  • iContact
  • Mad Mimi

The one I ended up choosing was Mail Chimp. So why did I choose Mail Chimp over the others?

  • Free trial period
  • Ease of creating emails to send
  • Integration with other services
  • Howto Resources


FreeI tried out Mad Mimi, and I have previous experience with Constant Contact. The main thing I was looking for initially was a period of time in which the service would be free. This was so I could try it out and build up a little bit of a list without being out a ton of cash.

Constant Contact and iContact offer a free trial service, but it is time based and not subscriber based. One of the huge advantages to Mail Chimp (and Mad Mimi) was that you could have service free up to a set number of subscribers or number of email sent. This made sense to me! If I am not really using the service, why pay? Once your list gets going, the pricing is pretty much inline with most of the other email service providers that I have researched.

While trying out Mad Mimi, I found that their free service was not 100% functional. With Mail Chimp, I can setup Autoresponders and send out Email Campaigns. When using Mad Mimi, I found out that the Autoresponder, or what they call “Drip Campaign”, was an added feature. The same can be said about syndicating your RSS feed to email, which is also included with the free account from Mail Chimp.

Creating Your Campaign

CampaignOne of the cool things I liked about all the services I tried was the ability to visually setup the look of any email you want to send. Mail Chimp has a library of templates that are easily customized. What I really like are the “blank” templates. Basically, you can choose a setup for number and placement of sidebars for an email. Then use the WYSIWYG editor to add your own color scheme or header or whatever. If you don’t want to send out a full blown glitz and glitter newsletter, they also have options for fairly plain looking rich text emails or even plain text emails. It all depends on what you want to see or send out.


IntegrationWant to send out a link to your email campaign on twitter? Mail Chimp can do that too. Link your Twitter account to Mail Chimp through your “Integrations” panel, and while you are creating your campaign, just click the option to send out a link to through Twitter. Pretty simple!

In addition to Twitter, you can link all kinds of other accounts to Mail Chimp including:

  • Eventbrite
  • Goto Meeting
  • Survey Gizmo
  • Google Analytics, Contact, and Docs
  • E-Junkie

and many other services. Best of all, they offer a plugin for WordPress! You are using WordPress, right?? For a full list of services that integrate with Mail Chimp check out this link…

Howto Resources

Mail Chimp has a wealth of free videos and written tutorials on how to do just about anything you can do with Mail Chimp. The search feature has been invaluable to me when trying to figure out the in’s and out’s of what I wanted to accomplish.

Right in the main dashboard, they list a few howto videos on getting started. Also, you can find great articles on growing your list among other things. Every month Mail Chimp offers free weekly webinars on how to use their service. I think there are five weeks in the series. Can’t make the webinar? Catch the recorded versions through the videos on the Mail Chimp site or via iTunes.

To sweeten the deal, Mail Chimp is somewhat of a neighbor of mine. I like supporting local businesses when I can. I found out that Mail Chimp is located in Atlanta, GA (Got their address right on the contact page). Only about a two hour drive from here.

There you have it. If you are looking for a great email service provider for your email list, give Mail Chimp a look.

Have another favorite email service provider? Tell me which one and why in the comments!

Thanks for reading!


* Some of the links above may be affiliate links. If you buy anything on the pages they take you to, I will make a small referral fee.

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