Creating Custom Post Types – Portfolio

Custom Post Types

One of the features that I worked hard to incorporate into my new site were WordPress Custom Post Types. In the past, I had “tricked” WordPress into showing certain posts as portfolio entries. On my new site, the portfolio got its own custom post type. Likewise, the team members on the About page are also custom post types.

WordCamp Raleigh Recap

It is done! I have now been to my first WordCamp. My wife and I drove up on Friday afternoon. Raleigh, even though it is a neighboring state is a frickin’ long way from Greenville! It took us a little …

WordCamp Raleigh Bound

Keeping updated on the latest news and know-how for the tools that I use is a must. I think it is a must for any web designer/developer who wants to stay relevant in their field. I try to attend as many conferences and workshops as possible.

WordPress 3.1 Out Now!

WordPress 3.1 Out Now!

This week a new version of WordPress was released. Version 3.1 is called “Reinhardt” is reference to the jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt. There are a couple of cool new features and some others that look promising.

What is new in WordPress 3.1?

The 7 Greatest WordPress Resources

The 7 Greatest WordPress Resources

When you start digging into Wordpress, it can be a little intimidating. This is especially true if you are new to PHP or web development in general. Wordpress is easy enough to use that the basics are pretty easy to pick up. However, when you want to get into some more complex tasks…