Photography Websites

I have been a fan of photography for many years. I bought my first SLR (not DSLR!) way back in 1991. It was a Minolta that was more geared for someone who wanted an SLR camera but maybe didn’t know why or how to use one. Which was good since I didn’t.

The camera could be used as a fully automatic camera (huge point and shoot?), or in manual mode. Mainly, I used it in auto mode and occasionally tried to use some of the manual inputs. I always said to myself that I would learn more about how to use it but never did, and then came digital.

Creating Custom Post Types – Portfolio

Custom Post Types

One of the features that I worked hard to incorporate into my new site were WordPress Custom Post Types. In the past, I had “tricked” WordPress into showing certain posts as portfolio entries. On my new site, the portfolio got its own custom post type. Likewise, the team members on the About page are also custom post types.

New Site Up!

I have been working on this for a couple of months now. I gave out some teasers when I was just in the planning and pre-design phases. Now it is done! Well, mostly done. There a still some things to be worked out, but overall I am very pleased with what has taken place.

Simplicity in All Design

I have been a resident of South Carolina most of my life. Except for a few years 2000-2003, when I lived in Atlanta, GA, I have lived in South Carolina. I love lots of things about this state. One of …

The Power of Twitter

I have a Facebook page for my company, but up until earlier this week, I didn’t have enough fans (or whatever they are calling it this week!) to get a vanity url for the page. This wasn’t a huge deal …