Discoveries of the Week #8

Back again with more great links! If you missed the post earlier this week, I did a recap of my trip to WordCamp Raleigh. I had a great time, and met lots of fun people. I can’t wait until I …

WordCamp Raleigh Recap

It is done! I have now been to my first WordCamp. My wife and I drove up on Friday afternoon. Raleigh, even though it is a neighboring state is a frickin’ long way from Greenville! It took us a little …

Discoveries of the Week #7

This week, my wife and I are headed to a WordCamp in Raleigh. In fact, this post is slated to be posted the morning we are leaving. So by the time you read this… we will be gone.

In honor of going to WordCamp, this is going to be WordPress week for discoveries!

WordCamp Raleigh Bound

Keeping updated on the latest news and know-how for the tools that I use is a must. I think it is a must for any web designer/developer who wants to stay relevant in their field. I try to attend as many conferences and workshops as possible.

Discoveries of the Week #6

The latest installment of my discoveries of the week. Last week was a study in creativity and inspiration. This week is more all over the map. Hope you enjoy!

The Photoshop Manifesto for Web Designers