WordCamp Raleigh Bound

WordCamp Raleigh

Keeping updated on the latest news and know-how for the tools that I use is a must. I think it is a must for any web designer/developer who wants to stay relevant in their field. I try to attend as many conferences and workshops as possible.

What is a WordCamp?

WordCamp is a great way to learn more about using and developing for WordPress. WordCamps help you to stay in-the-know about things related to WordPress. Typically, some of the best people in the WordPress industry speak about a variety of topics. And hopefully, I will be able to do a little networking with other WordPress Professionals as well.

Previous Learning Experiences

Regular readers of the blog may recall that I went to a Drupal Camp last year in Asheville, NC. I have been trying to find a local WordCamp that fit with my schedule for a while now. Finally, I found the WordCamp in Raleigh, scheduled for May 21 & 22,  and the time frame worked for me.


One of the speakers at this year’s event is from Greenville, SC, Doug Cone. I am looking forward to attending his session, as well as several others. I didn’t think I would be interested in attending many of the session in the developer’s track, but reviewing the the list of speakers and topics, I may be “camped out” in that particular track most of the time.

Some of the other sessions I am most looking forward to are:

  • Ryan Duff – Extending CPT: Custom Meta Boxes and Admin Dashboard Widgets
  • John Ford – Security: Be a Super Hero
  • Chris Jean – Standardized Loop API: The Next Big Thing

It is going to be extra nice because my wife went to school near Raleigh. She is looking forward to seeing some old friends and checking out the surrounding areas while I am at the camp.

Look for a follow-up once I get back. Hopefully, I will have good things to report.

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