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I have been a resident of South Carolina most of my life. Except for a few years 2000-2003, when I lived in Atlanta, GA, I have lived in South Carolina. I love lots of things about this state. One of my favorite things is the state flag. It is one of the most destinctive flags in the country, and maybe the world. For those who aren’t familiar with the flag, it is a simple white palmetto tree and crescent moon on a field of navy.

Flag of South Carolina


As much as I like the flag, I have been disappointed by the state’s license plates since birth! The first plate I remember is the bicentennial plate (used from 1976-1980). After that there were several good attempts to incorporate the palmetto tree and crescent moon or other South Carolina imagery into the design. The worst I think was the discolored wren. Styles from over the years can be seen at SC Plates.

Our current plate is also disappointing. It does feature the palmetto tree and crescent moon. However the sunset is very distracting, and in my opinion, unnecessary.

SC License Plate

I would love to see the DMV generate a contest between artists and graphic designers for a new plate.  In fact, I am going to throw out a few takes on what I would love to see. If anyone at the DMV is listening and like what I have to offer, shoot me an email. Here they are:

South Carolina License Plate Mock UpSouth Carolina License Plate Mock Up

South Carolina License Plate Mock UpSouth Carolina License Plate Mock Up

South Carolina License Plate Mock UpSouth Carolina License Plate Mock Up

I am not sure why we always have to over-think the license plate? Simplicity rules!

Do you have an idea for an iconic license plate? Share a link to yours in the comments.

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