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I have been working on this for a couple of months now. I gave out some teasers when I was just in the planning and pre-design phases. Now it is done! Well, mostly done. There a still some things to be worked out, but overall I am very pleased with what has taken place.

I learned a lot in the time I spent building the site. Many of the things I learned from reading more and more indepth in the WordPress Codex. Other things were learned from blogs that I regularly read and some I stumbled across. I even happened to learn a good bit, or at least put some things into perspective, from a recent WordCamp i attended.

Lessons Learned:

  • Create new post types in WordPress and incorporate them into the theme
  • Add meta boxes to new post pages/custom post pages on the back end
  • Port information from the new meta boxes to the theme’s front end

And I am sure there are several things I am forgetting!

Things Left Todo:

  • Move the functions for the custom post types from the functions file to the plugin directory
  • Get the home page nailed down to be 100% the way I have envisioned it
  • Work on adding content to the blog sidebar
  • Now that I have Google+, add a G+ button to the footer
  • Get photos added to the About page (this is priority #1)
  • There are a handful of places I have extra mark up. I am planning to comb through the HTML elements as well as the style sheet and minimize as much as possible.
  • I tried to incorporate several HTML5 and CSS3 elements. There is fall back for older browsers too. I would like to expand the use of new technology, and maybe even incorporate something like Modernizr for the older browsers.
  • On the backend, the way I am handling the meta box input for the portfolio images needs some more work. It works ok, but I would like for it to work better/differently.

What makes me most happy?

  • I love the way my new logo turned out. A combination of my old logo, and some new elements. For the most part, I am extremely happy with all the graphic elements. One or two changes, but 97% is right on the money.
  • The contact page looks fantastic. I am very happy with it. Maybe more than some of the other pages. Of course, I put a ton of work into it.
  • The portfolio custom post type is integrated superbly. I like the way almost all the elements of it turned out, particularly on the front end.

I am planning a series of posts to explain and delve further into how I developed the new site. Stay tuned!

As always, thanks for reading.


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