Discoveries of the Week #1

As a web professional, I spend a great deal of time on the internet. Along my digital travels, I stumble on great resources, funny stuff, interesting things, etc. I decided that I would like to consolidate the best of the best in one place every week.


Partly for my own uses. I find stuff all over that I want to refer back to at some point. Tutorials, interesting insights, etc. I thought it would be nice to share the best ones with you guys too. I hope you get some use or entertainment out of some of these.

Digging Into WordPress: Tumblr Links with Post Format

Tumblr LinksDigging Into WordPress is one of my favorite blogs for learning more about the inner workings of WordPress. These guys wrote the book on WordPress, literally! This is a great howto article about adding Tumblr like functionality to your WordPress blog. Which is something that I have been wanting to implement on this very site. Stay Tuned!


Vectips: Weekly Vector Inspiration #115

vectipsRyan at Vectips posts an inspirational post every week. Since I started learning more about using Illustrator and trying to be my creative best, I look for inspirational images all the time. This weekly post always has some great art featured. I think my favorites this week were KlnDianS or Ride the Rhythm. Besides the inspiration posts, I always look forward to new tutorials or tips on how to use Adobe Illustrator.

Social Media Examiner: 8 Creative Ways Posterous Groups Can Bring People Together

Social Media ExaminerThis isn’t a blog I read very often. I stumbled across this link on Twitter. I have tinkered around with Posterous a little bit. It is a light-weight blogging platform somewhat similar to Tumblr. However, when it first started the only way to post was via email. Which I thought was interesting. Apparently, they have added a groups feature and all the interaction can take place via email. All messages and responses are available to everyone who is subscribed to the group. Seems like an interesting idea, and possibly worth looking into.

Brad Colbow: The Brad’s Mute Button

Brad ColbowThis guy puts out a random comic, and he is a good illustrator. They are usually funny, and this one is no exception to that.


Bradley’s 365 iPhone Picture Project

Bradley's 365 iPhone Picture ProjectBlantant self promotion alert! I decided to start working on my photography skills this year. I figured what better way to get better at photography than actually using a camera and taking pictures. At the moment, I don’t have access to a dSLR camera. So, I decided to use the camera that I have with me almost always, my iPhone. It takes decent pictures, depending on the situation, and there are several apps I have now that help me edit the photos on the phone. That was my one rule, everything has to be done on the phone. Well, that and trying to take one picture everyday.

Thanks for reading!


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