Lowe’s Home Remodeling, Inc.

Lowe’s Home Remodeling, Inc.
Lowes Home Remodeling, Inc.

Lowes Home Remodeling, Inc.

Site: http://lowesremodelinginc.com

Client: Lowe’s Home Remodeling, Inc.

Technology: HTML, CSS, PHP, & jQuery

Services: Custom static website and PHP contact form. (Image customization and graphics by Joanna from Doodle Mouse

The guys from Lowe’s Home Remodeling had a website already. Jody and Jamie built the site using “Web Site Tonight”. It didn’t look bad, but they were ready for an update.

Luckily Joanna knew Jody’s wife. We setup a meeting with him, and discussed changes for their website. We introduced the idea of having a microsite. Basically, it is a one page site that appears to be multi-page. This is accomplished with a bit of Javascript.

With some help from Jody, we got the content optimized for search engines. Joanna optimized the images for the internet, and cleaned up their logo a bit. The rest is just plain old HTML and CSS. The backend for the contact form was built using a little bit of Javascript and PHP.

It was a lot of fun building this site. The typical issues that you have to deal with when using a content management system didn’t exist. The site is very minimalistic, but gives all the information someone would need about their business.I am looking forward to my next microsite!


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